For Sherwood’s Cheryl Boutz, music has been a craft she has loved for a lifetime. 
Her zeal for music is one reason she is excited about her album which was released recently known as “Evolution.” 
“‘Evolution’ is a 14-track album filled with songs that unleash my deepest feelings of love, joy, sorrow, and pain I felt from different parts of my life,” Boutz said. “The album is titled ‘Evolution’ because the meaning of that word is defined as change. My music is about the many storms I’ve weathered through over the years, and the many changes I’ve made in my life as a result. It talks about both the the good times, and the dark times.” 
She said one of the more painful times in her life was experiencing domestic abuse. 
I’m a Domestic Abuse survivor, and as devastating and painful it was encouraged me to write ‘Turn To Blue.’ ‘My Survival’ is about my healing, and my thankfulness for having survived such a trying time,” said Boutz. 
“It’s A Forever Thing” was written from the wedding vows of her current husband. 
“I got my calling to begin work on this album in September 2011 as we were getting ready to go out of town to be with family,z’ she said. “My grandmother passed away mid-August.” 
On a small piece of paper over a year earlier, she had written “Watching The Time Pass By” during a time when her current husband and she were apart. 
“I couldn’t sleep, and missed him terribly on a dark, cold, lonely night,” Boutz said. “Over time, I had forgotten about that small piece of paper. While looking for something I needed to take on our trip, I found it instead. On our way home four days later, my husband spotted a building with a sign he could barely read from the road that said ‘Recording Studio.’ It wasn’t far from home, and we had never seen it before.” 
“Evolution,” once a dream, has now become a life-changing reality. 
“This is a life long commitment for me. I want to go all the way, continue writing songs, and go on tour. I write songs that not only have meaning, but are also catching. I want someone to hear one of my songs playing on the radio one day while they’re driving to work, and it playing in their head all day. The feeling of knowing my music will be remembered by people for many years is satisfying, fulfilling, and gives me inner peace,” she added. 
Boutz is a songwriter, alternative/rock artist, and a Poze Productions VIP Artist, one out of 1,000 people chosen for this position in May 2012. She has been featured on Poze Radio Saturday Night weekly rotation, also featured in Poze Magazine (October 2012, April 2013 and in the 2013 Fall edition). 
As a continuing VIP Artist of Poze productions, her music has been reviewed on a regular basis by record label executives and publishing companies. 
As a result, dhr was offered a record deal with Tate Music Group - a major record label in Oklahoma City in September 2013. 
Since she loved music so much even as a child, she would write songs as a girl instead of keeping a diary. 
Expressing herself this way has given her fulfillment and inner peace. 
As a child, her grandmother always felt she had a very special talent and wished Boutz could pursue singing and songwriting. 
Many times, her grandmother asked for recordings of her singing, but her family didn’t have the money for her to pursue a singing career. 
She describes her music as soothing, invoking a relaxed feeling of calm while expressing a personal message. Each song is a unique mix of alternative/rock and pop with a country vibe allowing her to express an abundant, creative & imaginative nature. Loving it so much, Boutz puts an abundance of guitar in her music.