Cheryl Boutz is a mulitple award winning Alternative/Pop-Rock Artist and Songwriter.  She is featured on Poze Radio Monday Night weekly rotation, also featured in Poze Magazine October 2012, April 2013 and in the 2013 Fall edition. She was also featured in Itz My Life Magazine, Fall 2013 edition and on the front page of The Sherwood Voice.  As a continuing VIP Artist of Poze  productions, her music has been reviewed on a regular basis by Record Label Executives and Publishing Companies.  As a result, Cheryl  was offered a record deal with Tate Music Group - a major record label in Oklahoma City, September, 2013. 

Cheryl has always loved music.   She has sung and written songs for most of her life, and always expressed words and feelings on paper in song.  Expressing herself this way has given her fulfillment and inner peace.  On September 2011, she began recording her first album “Evolution.”   “Evolution” is a 14 track album including a cover of the hit song, "One Of Us” and was independently released May 7, 2013, and re-released with Tate Music Group/Tate Publishing March of 2014 

Cheryl's album is a refreshing return to great songwriting with melodic hooks and meaningful lyrics delivered with honesty and integrity.” (The Akademia July, 2013) 

Cheryl's husband has always supported and encouraged her to pursue music.  In a previous relationship, Cheryl lived a devastating and painful life. Living with scars as a domestic abuse survivor, encouraged Cheryl to write "Turn To Blue" and "“My Survival"”  as well as "Blackout and “No Way Out"” featured on her soon coming album, "“Blackout"”  

All her music is about her life and truth.   Cheryl writes about what'’s in her heart with honesty and integrity.  She finds a joy in creating music that touches the heart and soul.   She brings each song forth with a colorful and dynamic sense of originality.  Its Cheryl'’s passion to create music wrapped around and filled with personal meaning for both her and her fans. 

Cheryl's music covers a wide range of variety and diversity.   She has gone from songs like "Leave The World Behind," 'Midnight Moon'” and "Give It To Me" that will make you cry to head banging, hard rocking songs like "Lover" and "Control," fun and filled with energy that will make you want to dance the night away.  Some would say her music sounds like today'’s Country. 

"Evolution' has won four best album awards @ the Akademia and @ The Xpozing Music Awards, including best album at The Xpozing Music awards main event June 12, 2014.  "Midnight Moon," was featured in the Arkansas top 10 at BroadJam, and won a Songwriter'’s award at The Akademia Music Awards in June, 2013.  Cheryl was a May, 2013 Nominee for Best Pop Song, "Watching The Time Pass” at The Akademia,   The song won at The Xpozing Music awards early this year, among several other songs, including 'Give It To Me' and 'Blackout' from her upcoming album.  To see a detailed list of Cheryl'’s awards and accomplishments, visit 

For Cheryl, "Evolution" has been a life time dream creating a breath taking blessing as it has evolved into life changing reality. 

To date, Boutz has release 2 new albums, "Blackout" a multi award winning and high energy Pop/rock compilation, and "Runaway," a 7 track LP featuring acoustic versions of love songs from her 2 previous albums.  She is currently working to release her 4th album, and will be releasing 2 new singles from that album June 25th, 2017. Her music video, "Love Bites" has won best rock music video at Xpozing Music Awards and currently nominated at the annual event in August.