XMA 2014 Main event "Evolution" won Best Alternative Album.

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Cheryl Boutz is a Songwriter, Alternative/Rock Artist, and a Poze Productions VIP Artist,  one out of one thousand people chosen for this position in May, 2012. She has been featured on Poze Radio Saturday Night weekly rotation, also featured in Poze Magazine (October 2012, April 2013 and in the 2013 Fall edition).  As a continuing VIP Artist of Poze productions,  her music has been reviewed on a regular basis by Record Label Executives and Publishing Companies.  As a result, Cheryl  was offered a record deal with Tate Music Group - a major record label in Oklahoma City.

She describes her music as soothing, invoking a relaxed feeling of calm while expressing a personal message. Each song is a unique mix of alternative/rock & pop with a country vibe allowing her to express an abundant, creative & imaginative nature. Loving it so much, Cheryl puts an abundance of guitar in her music.

“Cheryl's album is a refreshing return to great songwriting, melodic hooks, and meaningful lyrics delivered with honesty and integrity.” (The Akademia July, 2013)

Since "Evolution's" independant release on May 7th, 2013, it has won two best album awards @ the Akademia and @ The Xpozing Music Awards. "Midnight Moon," was featured in the Arkansas top 10 at BroadJam, and won @ The Akademia Music Awards for Best Song, Singer/Songwriter in June 2013. Cheryl was a May, 2013 Nominee for Best Pop Song, "Watching The Time Pass By, among four other nominations over the past three months.  "Breathless" won Best Song @ The Xposing Music Awards in August, 2013.  To date, "Evolution also won Best Album in the Alternative Genre @ The Xpozing Music Awards in October.  The official release of "Evolution" with TMG, (Tate Music Group/Tate Publishing,) is scheduled for Spring, 2014.

Read her detailed Biography for more information.